8 Common Injuries Treated With Physiotherapy 


There are a range of injuries that a physiotherapist can help you to recover. Physiotherapy uses a range of treatments and strategies that can restore physical function, maximise muscular strength, and prevent injuries. In this article, we cover eight of the most common injuries physiotherapy can treat. 

The list of common injuries we discuss below includes: 

  • Ankle sprains, 
  • Sciatica, 
  • Frozen shoulder, 
  • Wrist injuries, such as carpal tunnel, 
  • Inner ear dysfunction (Vestibular) 
  • Knee pain, 
  • Jaw pain and dysfunction (temporomandibular joint – TMJ) 
  • Muscle strains and tendonitis, 
  • Concussion. 

Ankle Sprains 

Ankle sprains commonly occur after a fall or sport, resulting in the ligaments surrounding the ankle becoming stretched, damaged, or ruptured. Physiotherapy can treat ankle sprains by improving ankle stability and function to maintain an active lifestyle. 


Sciatica describes pain around the gluteals and back of the leg, which may come from an inflamed sciatic nerve that presses against bones and joints. Physiotherapists can provide treatments that improve pain prevented via physical treatments, including practising proper lifting, promoting regular exercise and improving posture. 

Frozen Shoulder 

A frozen Shoulder occurs when the joint capsule adheres tightly around the shoulder joint, causing restricted and painful movement. Physiotherapists offer therapies that manage the condition, such as stretching and strengthening, and modifications to maintain an active lifestyle. 

Carpal Tunnel 

The carpal tunnel is an anatomical structure within the wrist. It houses ten different physiological structures, such as nerve, muscle tendons and connective tissues. When swelling or injury occurs, it can compress these important structures which impacts its function. Physiotherapists can diagnose the causes of carpal tunnel injury, prescribe wrist stretching and recommend ergonomic devices. 

Vestibular Disorder 

The vestibular system is in the inner ear and is responsible for controlling our balance by combining our head position with eye movements. There are no known preventative treatments for vestibular disorders, however physiotherapists provide a range of manual and exercise therapies that minimise the impacts of inner ear dysfunction. This may include improving neck movement, to balance training. 

Knee Pain 

Knee pain is a common complaint we handle at Erko Physio. Knee pain is often associated with general wear and tear from daily activities; however, it can also occur alongside injury and certain medical conditions. Our physiotherapists offer a range of therapies and strategies that improve stability, function and pain, whilst exploring preventative measures such as weight management, prescription of supportive shoes, lower limb strengthening exercises, and activity modifications. 

Jaw dysfunction (temporomandibular joint) 

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders occurs when the chewing muscles that run along the jaw become stretched, damaged or ruptured and may present as pain while eating. A physiotherapist can discuss ways to prevent TMJ occurring in more detail. 

Muscle Strains and Tendonitis 

Muscle strains, sometimes called ‘pulled muscles’ occur most commonly in the back, neck, shoulders and legs. Tendonitis is an inflammation of the muscle-tendon caused by traumatic incidents or chronic overuse. Physiotherapy can help prevent muscle strains and tendonitis through a graduated stretching and strengthening exercise program, and sport/work ergonomic assessments. 

These eight conditions often require treatment using physiotherapy. If you think you are suffering from any of the conditions described above, it’s best to call your local physiotherapist and schedule a consultation. 

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? Lower Back Pain 

Back pain is the second leading cause of disease burden in Australia, with about 40% of people with back pain reporting its impacts on daily activities (AIHW, 2015). Physiotherapists can play an important role in addressing the factors that may influence back pain, through core activation and movement training, to pain management strategies.