Our physiotherapists will incorporate a variety of evidence based manual therapy techniques into your treatment to help reduce your pain.

Manual therapy not only has a lot of scientific evidence for reducing pain but can assist with improving joint mobility and relieving stiffness, reducing swelling post injury and relieving nasty trigger points and adverse neural tension in tight muscles.

A treatment session of 45 minutes allows ample time for our experienced physios to apply the right manual therapy techniques to suit your condition. These techniques are tailored to suit your condition’s irritability as well as your body type and may include soft tissue massage, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques and joint mobilisation. Dry needling may also be included.

Correct application of these techniques ensures safety as well as effectiveness and our physiotherapists have extensively trained under leading physiotherapy specialists in their particular fields to advance their knowledge in their application.

Please refer to our team profiles to view their continuing education in these areas.