Sports Physiotherapy Alexandria

At Erko Sports Physiotherapy some of the physiotherapists have completed advanced training with the Australian Physiotherapy Associations Sport’s Physiotherapy Group with Sports Level 1 and 2 certification and have experience in acute and chronic sports injury. This means they are able to treat injuries which have arisen on the playing field or during solitary sports exercises. If you have suffered an injury during sporting activity, Erko Physio can handle your problem. Simply call us to book an appointment with one of our licensed sports physiotherapists at the clinic in Alexandria.

What Is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is defined by the assessment, management and prevention of injuries which occur during sports exercise. Sports physiotherapy is designed to treat acute and chronic injuries which have arisen during training or competitive games. It is also used post-surgery following a sports injury to rehabilitate players and ensure they can continue to perform at 100% in their sport or activity. Regardless of whether you play high-level competitive sport or simply for fun, Erko Physio can treat athletes who live in Alexandria, Erskineville, Newtown and Marrickville and have suffered injuries. Our program is also designed to prevent future injuries by providing you with the skills you need to stay safe and healthy while you exercise.

Acute and Chronic Diagnosis

Your initial assessment will involve diagnosing the injury itself and deciding whether further investigations (MRI or X-ray) are required or medical assessment by a General Practitioner (GP), a Sport’s Physician or an Orthopaedic Specialist is warranted. An initial diagnosis involves stretching the area which you believe has been injured and identifying where pain points lie in order to prescribe massage and exercises to treat the cause of the pain. Muscle function, flexibility, strength, range of motion, biomechanics and stability are each evaluated when you come into Erko Physio with a sports injury for specialist treatment.

Depending on the severity of your condition your injury will be classified as either a Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3 injury. Grade 1 injuries are mild strains which affect a small number of muscles. Grade 2 injuries are moderate strains which impact a significant number of muscles and involve a moderate loss of function. Grade 3 injuries are severe strains or tears, or, in some cases, a complete muscular rupture. In any case, if you are experiencing pain following sports training or a competitive game it is best practice to see your local physiotherapist immediately. Ignoring pain can lead to a more-serious injury which will take longer to recover from.

How Long Does Sports Injury Recovery Take?

Recovery time following acute and chronic sports injuries varies depending on the severity of the injury. Grade 1 injuries can take just two weeks to heal. Grade 2 injuries can take 4-6 weeks and require proper rehabilitation. Full recovery from grade 3 injuries can take several months and necessitates professional advice and treatment, even surgical treatment in some cases.

We will assist you with all stages of your rehabilitation from the acute management of your injury to the later stages of progressing through graduated exercise programs to prepare you with your return to sport and most importantly prevent further re-occurrence of injury. Our exercise programs are individually tailored to each patient to target their specific needs and ensure athletes are prepared to jump back into training and competitive play.

We will liaise with your personal trainer, coach or specialists throughout these phases to assist with a fast recovery and safe return to your sport or fitness activity.

Which Sports Injuries Can Be Treated With Physiotherapy?

Our sports physiotherapists have special interests in particular sports or fitness activities and you can find these in their profiles. Feel free to call and speak to the physiotherapist with an interest in your particular sport if you have any queries regarding your condition prior to an initial appointment.

These sports include (but are not limited to):

  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Rowing
  • Jujitsu
  • Swimming
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Cross Fit and F45
  • Ice Skating and Dance
  • Rugby and AFL
  • Weights Training

Our sports physiotherapists can assist with rehabilitation of ligaments, tendons and muscles which become damaged while engaging in any one of the sports listed above. We will examine your range of motion and strength and will treat the injury using a combination of massage, and strengthening exercises. Rehabilitation techniques are customised for full recovery and performance in the same sport which caused the injury. As your pain subsides, Erko Physio’s sports physio will help to improve your range of motion through manual therapy techniques, massage and stretching exercises. Performing these modules will also help to improve your strength and endurance. Any muscle imbalances which are identified during treatment will be corrected with further training. Finally, you will be prescribed with an exercise program which is tailored specifically to you and is designed to help you prevent the same or similar injuries occurring again in the future. You will be asked to perform regular drills to target the skills you need to surpass expectations in your preferred sport and prevent further injury.


Why See Erko Physio?

Aside from being painful and potentially disabling, sports injuries also prevent players from participating in regular training and competitive games which both bring so much joy. Acute and chronic sports injuries make it hard to exercise regularly which can be exceptionally frustrating. Erko Physio can help you get on track to recovery and ensure you can jump back on the field as soon as possible.

With over 10 years of experience coaching athletes through recovery and rehabilitation, Erko Physio are the local experts when it comes to healing acute and chronic sports injury. Our Alexandria physiotherapy is easily accessible from Erskineville, Newtown and Marrickville too. If you need a physiotherapist in Alexandria, Redfern, Newtown or Marrickville, trust the experts at Erko Physio to tend to your injury with due care and attention to detail. Our staff will help you regain full strength and motion and get back on the playing field (or gym, bike or yoga mat) in no time at all!