At Erko Physio some of our physiotherapists have attained degrees in Exercise and Sports Science or  Kinesiology, or are Level 1 and 2 qualified trainers from the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association in addition to their Physiotherapy degrees. Please refer to our team profiles for further details.

Part of your treatment at Erko Physio may require instruction in an exercise program to reduce your pain and return you to your functional goals. Exercise has regularly been cited in scientific articles to be of benefit in reducing non-specific low back pain, pain due to knee osteoarthritis and shoulder pain.

You will receive a tailored home exercise program to address strength, flexibility and motor co-ordination concerns. Postural re-education exercises may be included you improve your activation of core stabilisers that support your spine, shoulder or pelvis.

At Erko Physio we utilise the Physitrack web based exercise program to allow you to easily access your exercises on video through your home electronic devices to assist with compliance and correct performance.

We will discuss with you your general fitness program and work closely with your personal trainer or instructor to ensure smooth integration back into your exercise and reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence of injury.