There can be many causes of headaches and migraine. As manual therapists, our physiotherapists are trained to assess whether your headaches or migraines may be due to cervicogenic dysfunction. This meaning: referred from a problem in the joints of your upper cervical spine.

Historically the diagnosis of headaches and migraine was based on whether or not your head pain involved pulsing “throbbing” or not. Any headache that was “throbbing” was classified as a migraine. Any headache that was not throbbing was labelled a “tension-type headache“, despite there being no evidence of increased tension in the muscles of the scalp or forehead.

We are trained to safely assess whether the joints of your upper cervical spine have a role in producing your symptoms. Through thorough questioning and examination we can also recognise “red flags” that may require investigation by your general practitioner. These “red flags” are signs that your headaches may be due to some other cause unrelated to your neck.

You may have associated symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and aura. These are not immediate red flags and can still be produced by a problem in your upper cervical spine. We can help you with this.

Our highly effective treatment for migraine and headache physiotherapy involves safe manual therapy techniques to correct the joint dysfunction. This assumes your neck is involved, however won’t actually involve manipulating your neck mechanism. Exercise prescription may also be recommended to strengthen the stabilising muscles of your neck and advice regarding posture and workplace ergonomics.

Muscle tension in the upper neck can be a result of poor posture and can lead to cluster headaches and other types of headaches. Our physiotherapy treatment is based on the watson headache approach. We will relieve tension all around the neck and head, including the ear and nose.

If you have been seeing your GP for many years regarding your headaches ask them if they would recommend a physiotherapy trial. We will then work closely with your GP to see if your neck is involved. Otherwise feel free to contact us and speak directly to one of our physios if you are unsure whether we can assist you.

Contact Erko Physio today to schedule your first appointment on the road to completely alleviating migraines and headaches. Our completely qualified and certified team will be pleased to make an appointment with you and to prescribe innovative treatment to help with your condition. We are available Monday to Friday, 7:00am-8:00pm