How to Strap an Ankle 


Ankle injuries can happen at any time when exercising: during a run, workout or match. If the ankle twists or bends unexpectedly; to an uncomfortable position, this can be extremely painful and debilitating. Tendons, joints and muscles can tear easily in this delicate area of the body, so to prevent long-term impairment, strapping an ankle after injury is best practice.It ensures tissues in the ankle region can rest for as long as possible before a professional diagnosis is sought. Ankle strapping can also be used as a measure to prevent injury occurring.  

When strapping an ankle, the first step is to achieve a 90° angle between the line of the foot and the perspective of the person strapping the ankle. It can help to prop the foot up on a chair or bench before strapping the ankle: to make sure that the elastic bandages used in the process are aligned correctly and bound tightly. 

Before actual strapping occurs, make sure the ankle is clean by sanitising using soap or sanitary wash. If the person being strapped has allergies, make sure you first wrap the ankle in hypoallergenic wrap.  

The first straps which should be placed are two anchors – wrapped around the circumference of the leg about a hand-width above the ankle. 

The next strap is a stirrup. A stirrup starts on top of the anchor, is placed down the leg, under the foot and up the other side of the leg. It provides support. At least two, preferably three, stirrups should be placed. 

Concurrently, a sixth strip will be laid down the outside of the leg, crossing into the inside of the foot and the crossing back over under the foot to the outside of the leg again. Four of this variety of strip should be placed: two directed from the outside to inside to outside and two from inside to outside to inside. 

Finally, a tenth strip will form a final anchor and should be laid in the same position as the first two anchors. The final shape the ankle strap takes is shoe-like. 

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