Preventing Injuries On The Snow 


There is still plenty of Winter left and many Sydney-siders will be making the journey to Perisher or Threadbo to take advantage of the good fall this year. Given that skiing or snowboarding is done infrequently for most Australians, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to properly prepare for your downhill trip in order to prevent serious injuries. Riding with friends or family in the snow is unforgettable, but there are many injuries that can be sustained during snow sports. Continue reading to learn how to stay safe this Winter season. 

How Can I Prepare For My Snow Trip? 

1. Get Fit 

Skiing and snowboarding are both physically demanding activities which can leave you out of breath and sore. By starting an exercise routine a couple of months before you hit the slopes you maximise your enjoyment and reduce the risk of straining or tearing a muscle. Physical fitness will increase your endurance as you ski or board and improved muscular tone will do wonders for your balance as well as reduce the chance you will experience an injury. 

2. Get Your Equipment Checked 

Have a professional check your board, skiis and boots before you get on the ski lift to ensure there are no defects which could cause you to slip or hit a rock and send you falling. Even a minor imperfection can cause untold injury if something important breaks during your holiday. Be sure to try out additional equipment like gloves, goggles and wrist and back protectors too to keep yourself safe. 

3. Hydrate Lots and Regularly 

People often forget to drink enough water when they’re on the slopes because snow is wet. Always remember that exercise is dehydrating and bring plenty of water on your trip to ensure you don’t end the day irrevocably dehydrated. We recommend you drink 500mL of water each hour. 

4. Never Ski or Board Alone 

Skiing or snowboarding alone is reckless and can leave you in a whole heap of trouble if something goes wrong. Take a buddy with you up and down the mountain to ensure there is someone to call for help if you injure yourself. If you are traversing off piste or backcountry touring, bring the necessary safety equipment too: a satellite radio, shovel and avalanche probe at the very least. 


These four tips should help you feel confident enough to avoid most injuries while skiing or snowboarding. Be sure to take plenty of breaks during your day too so you don’t overexert yourself and stick to terrain which suits your ability – you won’t have much fun if you spend the whole time on your bum. 

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