Rehabilitation After Surgery: How Physiotherapy Accelerates Recovery 


Following surgical intervention, physiotherapy is a fundamentally important treatment that assists and accelerates recovery. Early mobilisation, pain management, scar tissue reduction, restoring function and psychological wellbeing are all promoted after surgery when patients take the time to undergo rehabilitation treatment with a physiotherapist. In this blog post we discuss the benefits of rehabilitation after surgery and explain how it addresses challenges otherwise faced by surgery patients. 

The Benefits of Early Mobilisation 

Starting physiotherapy as soon as possible after surgery can prevent complications and improve outcomes. Mobilising the muscles surrounding the site of surgery helps to improve circulation, prevent muscle atrophy and minimise stiffness. When a muscle group has been sliced during surgery, stimulating the area in the postoperative period with physiotherapy assists in its recovery. 

Pain Management and Scar Tissue Reduction 

Physiotherapy can help to alleviate pain patients experience after surgery by promoting blood circulation and stimulating nerves so they become more tolerant to the residual pain resulting from the surgical procedure. These outcomes can also help to reduce the build-up of scar tissue which can be significant if the area where surgery occurred is not stimulated. 

Restoring Functional Independence 

The nature of surgery means that muscular function is reduced after an operation. Sliced muscles can become atrophied during the recovery period if they are not used. Physiotherapy works to restore muscular function by exercising muscles surrounding the site of surgery. By building up muscle strength, surgery patients can quickly restore their functional independence by taking the time to see a physiotherapist following their procedure. 

Psychological and Emotional Wellbeing 

The effects of surgery: pain, stiffness and reduced muscular function can take their toll on a patients’ psychological and emotional wellbeing. Humans are wired to experience a dip in mood if they are unable to perform the basic physical motions that are required to fulfill day-to-day obligations. Undergoing physiotherapy helps in this regard as patients achieve physical milestones and experience a reduction in side-effects resulting from surgery. Exercising also releases natural endorphins such as dopamine and serotonin which make the patient feel good. 

Call Erko Physio for Post-Surgical Rehabilitation 

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