The Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Injury Recovery And Pain Relief 


During a physiotherapy session you may benefit from some time undergoing massage therapy; depending on your condition. Massaging sore, strained or damaged muscles offers a vast range of therapeutic benefits when it is done properly. Massage therapy stimulates blood flow to overused muscles and releases tension in them and the surrounding areas which aids in their recovery. Pain and inflammation can experience reduction when massage therapy is used in the treatment of common injuries. In accordance with these principles, massage therapy often speeds up recovery times. 

The Science Behind Massage Therapy 

The results of research into massage therapy display a positive set of outcomes when it’s used to treat lower back, shoulder and neck pain, osteoarthritis, headaches and fibromyalgia. Massage therapy is a recognised treatment option for lower back pain (except in chronic cases), it is also recognised as a method of delivering short-term pain relief for shoulder and neck pain. In addition to this, osteoarthritis patients can benefit in the short-term from massage therapy – as a mode of pain relief. However, only a limited amount of research exists in this area. Massage therapy for headaches is sometimes successful, yet, again, only a limited body of research exists in this area. Finally, massage therapy is useful in the treatment of fibromyalgia, producing reduced pain, anxiety, and depression in people, but not reduced sleep disturbance. 

Massage Therapy for Injury Recovery 

As discussed above, massage therapy offers effective short-term pain relief and aids in helping injuries recover faster. People who have suffered from muscle sprains, strains and tears should consider seeing a physiotherapist for two reasons. The first reason is massage-therapy-centric: patients can experience reduced pain in the injured area after receiving a massage from their physiotherapist. The second is that prescription of stretches and exercise management plans by a physio is also incredibly effective at managing injuries sustained playing sport or exercising. 

Massage Therapy for Pain Relief 

Chronic pain conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia (discussed above) and lower back pain can be treated with massage therapy during a physiotherapy session. As mentioned, massage therapy helps with blood flow and releases tension in muscles by stimulating muscle fibres and the tendons surrounding muscles. During a session, physiotherapists will apply pressure for both sustained and short durations in order to improve blood flow and reduce muscle tension. Patients can expect both firm and gentle pressures in a session: the former being slightly tough to bear and the latter being extremely relaxing. 

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