The Importance of Active Aging: How Physiotherapy Helps Maintain Independence 


As we age, we begin to feel the burden of less mobility and strength. This oftentimes leads to less independence as we begin to rely on others for physical support. It can greatly benefit people whom are ‘getting on’ in life to actively plan for this occurrence by establishing support networks and investing in equipment to make life easier to manage. Physiotherapy is a great tool that can aid aging individuals retain their strength, flexibility, balance and endurance for longer. When a professional physiotherapist is employed to help aging people in these areas they can experience increased independence and stay safe as they enter their golden years. 

The Role of Physiotherapy in Active Aging 

The main benefits of physiotherapy in assisting patients to age gracefully are increased strength, increased flexibility and balance and increased stamina. Exercising with the assistance of a physio increases seniors’ capacity to carry loads, increases the elasticity of their muscles and allows their muscles to work for longer without risk of harm. By performing targeted exercises and participating in physical interventions, aging individuals can improve their quality of life and reduce their risk of experiencing a fall or other injury. 

Addressing Age-Related Conditions 

At the top of the list of conditions that begin to affect humans as we grow older are osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and mobility limitations. These conditions become present when joints, ligaments and muscles aren’t as resilient as they used to be and begin to experience contraction; losing their structural integrity. When these conditions become severe they can have a large impact on the mobility and independence of the people they afflict. Physiotherapy is a tried and tested way to alleviate pain associated with these conditions and offers great benefit to older people who employ a physio. 

Customised Treatment Plans 

When you are getting on in life and starting to feel the natural aches and pains of aging, a physiotherapist can offer a customised treatment plan that caters to your current level of mobility and improves your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Your local physiotherapist will assess your needs and abilities and set goals within your treatment plan to address specific challenges you face and promote your independence. 

Call Erko Physio to Plan Your Active Aging 

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