Three Ways To Make An Exercise Routine Stick 


The benefits of exercise are well-known: it helps to keep our bodies and minds healthy, providing numerous benefits for our wellbeing. Regardless of the goal of exercise, it is vital for our physical and mental health and should be performed regularly. Exercise can be exceptionally enjoyable the first few times we perform a routine or workout. However, sticking to an exercise regime for the long-term isn’t always easy. In this blog post we outline three strategies for sustaining an exercise routine to help our readers keep up with their physical goals and maintain their mental health. 

Why Do We Lose Motivation? 

Studies explain that there are two primary reasons why an exercise routine is difficult to maintain: 

  1. Lack of interest in making exercise a priority. This is usually due to other commitments in our life: children, education or work. 
  2. Feeling incapable of finishing an activity. This could be because we are physically unfit, unskilled or experiencing health problems which prevent us from becoming effective at our chosen routine. 

With this in mind, the following three tips are designed to help you make an exercise routine stick. 

Pick An Exercise Routine You Enjoy 

Exercise which is challenging, relevant and enjoyable has been shown as having a long-term positive impact on an individual. Drop the exercise which feels like a chore and choose something that you love to do. It could be as simple as walking to the station instead of driving, joining a class and participating in a social exercise environment or picking up something else entirely new. 

Make Your Routine Stick 

Every excuse under the sun can be thrown at our exercise routine to prevent us from performing it regularly. Finding time to exercise two to three times per week can feel like such a bore, so, instead, try to squeeze in some exercise during your lunch break. Alternatively, use the time you spend waiting for your kids to exercise or attend lessons to exercise. Finally, if you know that you will be more effective in the morning or evening, be sure to either get a good night’s sleep beforehand or finish work efficiently so that you leave time for exercise. 

Set Goals 

Whether you are trying to recover from an injury, shed a few kilos or simply keep up with your grandkids, set some goals. Your local physio can definitely help you in this regard. Make your goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive) so you have a clear way to identify your progress and track success. Don’t forget to celebrate when you achieve your goals either. 

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