Why Is Cardiovascular Health So Important?


Cardiovascular health is a common point of discussion in everyday life. While the context of such discourse is often the prevention of cardiac attacks and stroke, there are also other topical benefits which are purported by those who exercise frequently: such as physical fitness, more energy and better mental health. Cardiovascular health is so important for these reasons. When a person suffers from a heart attack or stroke it is often too late to repair a lifetime of bad habits. However, when a person exercises regularly, the many benefits become evident very quickly. 

Why Might I Suffer A Heart Attack? 

A heart attack is characterised by the thickening of artery walls and a build-up of fatty plaques in the walls of our blood vessels. This condition takes time to develop and is strongly influenced by lifestyle choices, like not exercising, eating too much, drinking alcohol to excess and smoking. When fatty plaques rupture, they block off blood supply to the heart which can result in a cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, there are few symptoms which can indicate the presence of thickening artery walls and fatty plaque build-up in blood vessels.  

How Can I Prevent A Heart Attack? 

The best way to help reduce your cardiovascular risk is to do lots of exercise and ensure good management of any co-existing conditions. Regular exercises forces the blood to pump larger quantities of blood in a shorter time which strengthens heart muscles, arteries and blood vessels. Regular exercise also reduces blood pressure. 

Along with regular exercise, a good diet is also crucial to maintaining good cardiovascular health. A diet containing lots of fat and the wrong oils is likely to be a major contributing factor to thickening artery walls and build-up of fatty plaques in blood vessels. In contrast, a diet high in vegetables, wholegrains and fish is likely to result in good cardiovascular health. 

It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Lifestyle 

If you are worried about your cardiovascular health, it’s never too late to change your lifestyle. Minor dietary adjustments and inclusion of regular exercise in your weekly routine are two of the best things you can do to reduce your chances of a cardiac attack or stroke. Switching red meat for fish twice per week, eating more greens and going for a twenty minute run twice per week are good steps to take to begin your journey to better cardiovascular health. If you need a little help getting motivated, contact your local physiotherapist who can put together a cardiovascular health management plan and point you in the right direction. 

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